Where is the plant located?


The NESS energy from waste plant is being built at the former gas holder site in the East Tullos Industrial Estate in Aberdeen. The facility will take the remaining, non-recyclable waste from the three councils and burn it cleanly and completely. It will produce electricity which will then be sold to the National Grid and steam which will be used in a local district heat network to provide low cost heating to homes in the nearby Torry area.

The site was chosen after an extensive site search that considered a range of factors including, access to main transport routes, site availability and current use, as well as environmental designations.

It was decided Aberdeen was the best placed local authority with regeneration areas which would most benefit from the low-cost heating provided by the facility. East Tullos Industrial Estate was chosen as it is an existing industrial site with the neighbouring area of Torry where residents would benefit from low-cost heating.

The surrounding area consists of industrial storage and offices, a fish processing plant and a waste transfer station immediately beside it. Tullos Primary School and residential properties in Torry are located around 300 metres to the north.


More than 60% of the non-recyclable waste delivered to the plant will arrive in bulk via the AWPR (Aberdeen bypass), and get to the energy from waste plant through East Tullos Industrial Estate via Wellington Road.

The remaining waste will be collected from across the City by the councils' collection vehicles, many of which delivered to the waste site next door to the EfW site until the new East Altens site opened. Planning permission restricts the number of vehicles that can deliver waste to the plant to a maximum of 307 vehicles a week, which is around 7 vehicles an hour.


Air quality monitors

After discussions with local residents, ACC has provided additional air quality monitors at the following sites to ensure background readings can be taken before and after the installation of the Energy from Waste plant: Tullos Circle (Torry Academy), Kirkhill Place (Tullos Primary), Tullos Hill, North Loirston/Souter Head Road (Cove allotments), and Pentland Close. There are existing monitoring locations in the area including three on Wellington Road and one on Victoria Road.

Torry heat network

The Torry heat network is a separate project being run by Aberdeen City Council. It is at early stage at the moment, and updates will be provided on this website as it progresses.

Did you know?

More than 60% of the non-recyclable waste delivered to the plant will arrive via the AWPR (Aberdeen bypass).

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