Project Update - March 2020

Acciona has placed a contract with Bauer to conduct the main foundation piling works. The piles are long cylindrical concrete tubes set in the ground to enable large foundations and structures to be built so they don't move or sink over time. The bunker piles are deepest at 31m below ground level. The piles for the bunker are made in a continuous line to form a box. The soil inside of the "box" is then removed to create the bunker.

The current works on site are to place all of the piles during the next few months. There are different types of piles depending on what the pile needs to achieve, however during February and March, casement piles are being installed for the bunker and main building structures. There is a link below to video demonstrating the process in more detail. During removal of the soil from the auger (drill bit) the auger spins to shake off the soil during which banging may be heard. As the piling sequence is to fill the pile hole with reinforcement steel and concrete in the same day, most of the shaking noise will be during the morning periods. At the "peak" 3 drilling rigs will be present on site.